Jamise Wilson joined Storm Talk 365 in January 2016 as the Director of Operations. She has created policies and procedures, trainings, and been the liaison between the podcast hosts and the CEO. Ms. Wilson’s professional expertise is in marketing and business and this position allows to her to use those skills to create websites, social media marketing, podcasts, advertisements, visual aids and more! Jamise has a weekly podcast called “uncovered” where she helps people recover form their pain and discover who they really are. It is based on self-help topics ranging from communication to relationships. Episodes can be heard on Tuesdays at 5 PM EST or on demand wherever podcasts are heard.

Jamise Wilson recently graduated from University of Maryland University College (now UMGC) with a Bachelor of Arts in Management and a minor in Business Administration, two Associate degrees nad a certificate. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Management with a concentration in Public Relations. Ms. Wilson is also the Founder and CEO of J Bianca Marketing LLC which helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits use social media effectively to grow their business.