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Pretty In His Presence
Pretty In His PresenceI still get asked if I'm in this book, so I'm going to tell you again, "YES"!  LOL!!  I did not write...
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The Reality Of Podcasting: Why Do It?
Being in the business of providing a platform to help others share their messages globally, many people still do not understand what a podcast is...
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The Lost Necklace by Carin Jayne Casey
The Lost NecklaceThree little kittens were charged by their friend, Christina, to finda lost necklace. But it wasn't just any necklace. Christina and herdaddy had...
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Carin Jayne Casey-“Sharing A Family Secret”
Sharing A Family SecretGrandfather was a tiny, ornery old man, who loved to pull tricks on others. A shoemaker by trade, he had a modest...
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Uncovered 2-“Cranes in the Sky”
Cranes in the SkyI tried to drink it away!  I tried to dance it away!There are moments in our life when we are faced with...
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Her Value
Her ValueAs she stands there and looks out into the open, she then realizes the price she had to pay to become the women she...
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