Bonita "Ms.B" Claiborne

Ms.B ( Bonita Claiborne) is the CEO of Storm Talk 365 Radio & Storm Radio 24/7. She produces several podcasts with topics that are relevant to current events as well as hosting special guests with valuable information to share. Ms. B is passionate about encouraging others to find the inner strength to overcome personal obstacles that interfere with the setting and achieving goals. Her compassion comes from being a nurse for over forty years caring for the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of her patients.

Ms. B founded the Daughters of Grace Image Consultants. She provided inspiration through Life Coaching in areas of beauty, health, natural healing, and First Aid & CPR instruction. Ms. B was also a host on the local cable channel for an inspirational talk show and a guest speaker at local church events. Her involvement in inspiring others included being the Online Administrator and Ministry Assistant of The Power Pack Prayer Intercessory Ministry. She has hosted morning shows, interviewed numerous guests and has lent her skills and abilities to other entrepreneurs in the radio industry to bring her to build her own network.

Ms. B encourages listeners to “talk to the storms” in their life through radio programs of her own and other podcasters that have joined the network that also believe in sharing wisdom with others. Storm Talk 365 can be found on all major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and iHeart.