Syndicated Podcasts

 Syndicated Podcasts

The syndicated podcasts can be found on these channels as well.  Please follow and subscribe to them to be updated on new episodes.  Thank you and we appreciate your support!

Soundcloud- Storm Talk 365

iTunes-Ms. B

Spreaker-Ms. B

YouTube- Storm Talk 365

Elations Magazine and Radio

eLATION Magazine is a Bible based Christian Spiritual publication designed to uplift souls worldwide!

Married Men Don’t Talk

In this age of anything-goes, the “Married Men Don’t Talk Show” offers a candid, sincere, thoughtful outlook on the everyday problems that men face. It is a show that offers a safe place for married men to be themselves and discuss issues they may not otherwise.

Their new episodes air on Thursdays at 8 AM EST.  You can download and listen to archive episodes here.

Follow Married Men Don’t Talk on Facebook for more update!

Listen to “MARRIED MEN DON’T TALK – Archives” on Spreaker.

Why? Church People

Listen to “Why Church People w/ Ellis,Tumeki & Ms.B” on Spreaker.

Faith Walk

Listen to “Faith Walk w/ Joyce White” on Spreaker.

Logan Power Show

Listen to “The Logan Power Show” on Spreaker.