Uncovered-“Do You Trust Me?” w/Pennie Martin

Do You Trust Me?

Well, do you?

Author Pennie Martin had to make a quick decision when God told her she needed to get out or she would die! 

Not many of us would know what to do if we heard a command so clear and stern, but she did.  This was one of the quickest decisions Pennie had to make.  She did not hesitate even though the answers to her questions were not apparent at the moment.

As a parent, we often make sacrifices that are not pleasing to ourselves or to others.  In this case, it was very difficult for her to make the decisions she had to make in this moment.  She sacrificed relationships, comfort, and stability in her family life while being obedient to God.

Even through this life-changing transition, Pennie remained in the presence of God, she trusted Him, leaned on Him, and He brought her through it all!

Do you know when God is talking to you? What would you do?

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Meet Pennie

Pennie Martin is a resident of Colorado and a single parent to 4 children.  She currently works in the medical field and is now a first-time author.  You may connect with her through the Pretty In His Presence fan page.

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