Uncovered- “Business for Introverts: How to build it, grow it, and boom it!” w/ Cena Martin

Business for Introverts

Starting a business is no easy task, especially if you are an introvert.
The meat and potatoes of most businesses is communication. As an introvert, we often try to stay away from communicating with others as much as possible!

Yes, I said we.

Being an introvert is not a negative thing.  We just choose to engage differently from others.  Our internal conversations are always abundant and our drive comes from within.

So, how does this affect our business?

We have to be strategic in what type of business we start or engage in.  If we are uncomfortable in any way, it will be hard for us to be successful.  This episode offers suggestions as to what types of business we should engage, how to market ourselves, and how to grow our audience using the internet.

Meet Cena

Cena Martin is an entrepreneur, life strategist, abundance coach, and the voice for moms of the new generation. As the President of Realize The Dream, Inc she empowers women to create long lasting change in themselves through practical spirituality.

Her purpose is to help you find the God inside of yourself and use it to have a more abundant life. Realize The Dream was created to be a place where women, entrepreneurs, and young mothers can discover who they are, what they want to become, and get the real information on how to make it happen.”

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