Pretty In His Presence

Pretty In His Presence

I still get asked if I’m in this book, so I’m going to tell you again, “YES”!  LOL!!  I did not write a chapter about my life, but you can read an excerpt in the tribute I wrote to the author, Min. Raleigh Thornton, Jr.

Pretty In His Presence is a must-read book for everyone who has dealt with situations or knows someone who has been in a situation that seemed like it would never get better.

Nine women offer a piece of their life and challenges they faced that helped them become stronger by leaning on their faith and learning more about themselves in the process.  I laughed, cried, got angry, and celebrated their victories!

This book will inspire you to step into your destiny, trust God, experience new opportunities, and understand that your winter season will become spring if you don’t give up!

Raleigh Thornton asks us, “Are you ok?”  Can you honestly answer that with a yes?  I couldn’t.  So many of us feel we have to hide our feelings as to not appear weak or helpless.  Women carry so much responsibility daily that our days seem to become a constant replay of yesterday.  Not to mention if you are a wife and/or mother, those duties are magnified.  We have to keep everything together, sometimes with no help.  The strength of a woman must be protected at all costs, which means we have to make time to ensure we are ok.  No one else can do it for us.  So, I’m asking you, “Are you ok”? 

Seasons Change
I was coming out of one of the roughest years after my divorce, besides the first year.  It seemed as though nothing I was doing was working, I was tired of having to explain my life when I didn’t know what was happening myself.  Trying to find a way to make all my plans for my life work the way I wanted it to.  Notice I said my plans.  I quickly learned my plans are not His plans for my life.  I had to back up!  
While my mother was building Storm Talk 365, I was not interested in helping with her project.  That was something I was not comfortable with and was way outside my comfort zone.  Talking to people…nah, you can keep that. LOL!  Like I said, my plans don’t matter.  
January 2016, I gave in.  I started saying yes to things I didn’t believe I would be doing.  Building relationships I thought would never be.  One in particular almost didn’t happen.  Kind of funny, the person I didn’t want to talk to, I end up writing a tribute to, right?  
I won’t tell the whole story.  Just know that God works in mysterious ways.  I ended up listening to a podcast that I knew he wrote for me!  Probably not, but it spoke to me.  From that day forward, he has been a true friend.  It’s very rare you find someone who can sense your pain and frustrations and then send something to help you.  Most of the time without me saying a word about it. 

The tribute I wrote for him expresses the thankfulness I have and to let you know of his genuine concern for people.  He truly desires to live a life that is pleasing to God.  I can honestly say that he is. 

Choosing to submit to God’s plan and write a book to empower women and share a small portion of himself in it shows his selflessness.  His God given assignment is being fulfilled daily as he continues to encourage others through his videos, podcast, and now his book.

Thank you Minister Raleigh Thornton, Jr. for heeding the call on your life and walking in obedience!

 Raleigh Thornton, Jr. 

Minister Raleigh Thornton, Jr. is a member of the Storm Talk 365 Radio family.  His podcast, Setting the Captives Free, broadcasts every Monday morning at 7:30 AM EST.  You may also download each episode or listen On Demand after the original airing. 

You may visit the Pretty In His Presence fan page on Facebook.

Pretty In His Presence here or an autographed copy directly from me here for $20. 
No matter what situations you are facing, continue to stay in the presence of God.  You are Pretty in His Presence! 

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