Uncovered-“Onward to Manhood” with Eric Elliott

Onward to Manhood

As a mother of two boys, sometimes I wonder if I’m able to do this right.  There is some negativity about single mothers raising boys.  The problem is when the boys begin to act like their mothers or the females in their life.  But, that is not always the case.  Some mothers are raising their boys to very masculine, respectable, spiritual, and successful.

We discuss how we can successfully raise our boys by being exactly what they need in their life.  Who to turn to in times of need and how our past influences their futures.  

Meet Eric Elliott

Richmond, Va. native, Eric Elliott, is a graduate of Old Dominion University who went on to thrive in the world of Software Test Engineering.  Although he has a technical background, he is firmly entrenched in manhood as a husband, father, son, brother, teacher, friend, impact speaker, and author.   From each of those platforms, he’s extended timeless encouragement to numerous friends and associates. 

Eric’s writing and speaking exploits have been acclaimed as stimulating, insightful and inspirational. He enjoys life with his wife and children in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

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