Uncovered 2-“Cranes in the Sky”

Cranes in the Sky

I tried to drink it away!  I tried to dance it away!

There are moments in our life when we are faced with our own “cranes in the sky”.  How we deal with them and recognize what they are will ensure our success or failure in life. 
The words in the song resonated with me as I have done most of these things trying to erase or ignore the actual problems.

What are some of your cranes? 

The “it” in the song can relate to anything you deal with regularly.  It could be a relationship, your job, depression, addictions, financial struggles, children, etc.  The cranes symbolize the struggles that are blocking the view of a more peaceful life.  When you look at the picture and see a beautiful skyline cluttered with those bulky, ugly cranes you get a feeling that they need to be moved out the way so you can see, right?

That’s how our minds are cluttered with those things we are dealing with.  We can’t see the horizon for the stuff in the way. 

When I was 25, I called it my  “midlife crisis” moment when nothing felt like it was going right and I had a feeling I needed a change.  My relationship was in turmoil I didn’t really like my job or the way my life was going.  I tried hanging out, I tried “retail therapy”, I went to school again.  I just wanted something more for myself and felt stuck.

How do you deal with the cranes in your life?

The song offered some ways that have been used to deal with the issues.  Running away, travelling, changing looks, shopping, working, and even ending a relationship.  Some of you have tried those methods and still have had to face your “it” after the fun was over.

So, what did it really help?  The immediate satisfaction of the moment.  The little escape from reality hoping to improve your mood or situation just for a moment.  A sense of being in control even if it was just for a few hours. 

I’ve been there.
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