Turn to God w/ Carin- “My Dear Rosa Jean”

Turn to God w/Carin-“My Dear Rosa Jean”

In “Turn to God with Carin,” Carin Jayne Casey, Author of MY DEAR ROSA JEAN, began her once-a-month class series about her “truthful fiction” of a woman’s life of domestic violence, and pathways to overcoming domestic violence. In the Prologue, characters are introduced as Rosa Jean shares her troubled family background. 

This was highlighted by the death of her mother while driving intoxicated, and the severe injury to Rosa Jean’s baby brother caused by this mysterious accident. Rosa Jean described failed relationships and the decay of her Christian walk leading to her meeting Brad. Rosa Jean and her loving Aunt Grace re-unite after many years apart. This is the setting where Rosa Jean begins to share her story about Brad to her wise and patient Aunt Grace. We get a hint about Brad’s character as Rosa Jean shares with her Aunt a nightmare of remembering a past terrifying incident.   

Thought-provoking questions are posed for us to consider. What would we think or do, given these circumstances? Were potential ‘red flags’ being introduced, or could they each be explained/ reasoned away? Did Rosa Jean have alternate choices available as she continued her naïve, trusting path? How might’ve her circumstances changed if she had Turned to God? 

Casey invites feedback at CarinJayneCasey.com regarding this lesson plan going forward. 

The National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

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