Uncovered- “Hidden Talents” w/ A’Marie Bailey

Hidden Talents

We all have been given some type of ability that we did not have to spend too much time learning how to do.  These are your natural innate abilities.  How you use them is up to you, but don’t bury them

Do you know the parable of the 3 men that were given the talents in the Bible?  Don’t be like the one that buried it and hid it from the world.  (Matthew 25:14-30)
So, what do you do with your talents?

My guest discovered she has many talents, like most of us, but they were buried.  Hear her story on this week’s podcast.  You may discover what my hidden talent is, too!

Meet A’Marie

You will hear her bio in the podcast, but I wanted to share a little bit with you. I initially met her a few months back when I was searching for authors to post books in an online magazine.  Then, I saw her name appear when she was a guest on another podcaster’s show, Adriane Roberts, and I was surprised.  I commented on a post, and then we began communicating.  She was also a guest on one of my previous episodes that was totally unexpected!

A’Marie has been very supportive in all that I have been trying to accomplish with Uncovered.  Her episode this week dives deep into her life and all that she has been holding in.  I am so glad I was able to give her a platform to release.  Her book that she mentions in the podcast can be found on Amazon.

Listen to the new episode below.
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