Jamise Wilson


Jamise Wilson is the host of the podcasts Uncovered and Uncovered 2.  Her desire to podcast was not immediately embraced, but soon discovered she had a voice and a story to share.  The path to becoming a host was bumpy and considered to be a learning lesson. 

Jamise is currently a single parent of 3 children and uses her life experiences, struggles, and successes as the basis of her podcast. 

Uncovered is about throwing off the covers, peeling back the layers, and digging deep to reveal what’s really going on.  The topics are varied, but mostly on uncovering relationships, spirituality, religion, current events, and people. in general.

The guests share helpful information to the listeners to that will change their life and realize they are not alone.  Sometimes, you may hear a revelation from a guest that has not been as comfortable sharing personal experiences, a strategic way to approach life events, someone seeking assistance in finding an answer, and pure thankfulness and gratefulness.

Uncovered 2 is a personal podcast on how Jamise is uncovering herself and using what she has learned along the way to help others.  You never know what she is going to say next!  

Would you like to be a guest on Uncovered?  

Contact Jamise Wilson on IG, FB, Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest @jamisewilson, join the
FB group Uncovered Podcast. Also, follow her blog posts on the website.

There are two shows available: Tuesday with guests at 5 PM and Uncovered 2 Saturday at 2 PM. 

You may also find episodes on YouTube, iTunes, and SoundCloud.

Listen to all current and past episodes below. Leave your comments below.



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